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Integrated Logistics

Business Overview

With over 60 years’ managing experience in professional logistics, China Chengtong owns the nation’s biggest and the most widely distributed logistic network that integrated preservation, distribution and information. The integrated capability of managing supply chains provides our customers an overall logistic solution. Our services include storage preservation, transportation, delivery, combined transport, international currency, logistic design, inventory financing, processing and manufacturing, technical development, and e-business. Services facing entire China and many overseas areas, such as cold chain logistics, precious metal logistics, hazardous chemical substance logistics, non-ferrous metal futures exchange reservoirs, have been our specialty and are in leading positions nationwide.

In the future, we will continue adapting to the changes of rapid economic development and social demands. Against the backdrop of development pattern transformation as well as structural and strategic distribution adjustment in China, we will make full use of our core business competitiveness, and increase our influence, dominance and competitiveness in the industry of logistics, taking up the mission and social responsibility of developing modernized logistics enterprises.

Main Business

Storage PreservationWe owe the biggest storage preservation and logistics net in China, with stations spotting in key cities and traffic hubs. Multi-pattern preservation stations and dock equipment provide for our customers an overall, multifunctional and professional preserving and logistical service. We also own exchange reservoirs in Shanghai Futures Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange and appointed cotton exchange markets throughout China.

Transportation and DeliveryBased on railway and highway transportation, we have formed a multi-shipment logistics system. The transporting network covers main lines in railway, highway and waterway. We own 120 special railway lines, adding up to 114 kilometers. The seven main lines for container transportation and a couple of special intercity highways enable us to have the best qualification in large article transportation.

International Cargo Agent ServicesOur cargo agents in key cities and key ports form a global transportation net, covering China and many overseas ports and cities. Our services include chartering, customs clearance, insurance, transshipment, successive transportation, container assembling, devanning, split charging etc.

Pledge Management ServiceOur group is the earliest and the largest pledge managing enterprise in China. We have established an “all to all” cooperative relationship with more than 20 financial institutes. The scale of our financing business surpasses RMB 50 billion, with more than 1200 supervising clients, covering more than 20 provinces and municipality cities. We are one of the strictest, best-integrated and fastest-developed leading logistic enterprises in China.

Spot Commodity Market ServiceOur group sets up 23 spot commodity exchange markets. We take the advantage of the transportation net joining key cities and the perfect auxiliary services of storage preservation, and have established all kinds of (i.e. steel products, vehicles, building materials, non-staple foodstuffs) spot commodity markets, providing a variety of services, including storage preservation, combined transports, transshipment, quality control, information and consultancy, as well as account settling.

Railway Container Transportation and Agent ServiceApart from the railway systems, we are the largest container transportation enterprise, with precious resources like special railway lines and strategic railway loading points, technical through trains as well as five scheduled trains. We also have freight stations in key inland cities like Chongqing, Chengdu, Changzhou, and Wuhan. Our services include container five scheduled trains, container technical through trains, container contract transportation, LCL (less than contained load) service, and door-to-door, door-to-station as well as station-to-door services. We have also expanded the international transportation services, as well as special container transportation, cycling transportation, and homogenized transportation.

Processing and packaging servicesWith our leading decoiling leveler and ware stock straightening and cutting line, we provide our client with specialized services in decoiling, cutting and cable distribution of the demanded metals. Our services also expand to purchasing consulting, producing design, as well as delivery and installation.

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