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Other Services


Recent years, as one of important assets operation platforms of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Chengtong has strengthened classification guidance for services and assets of new coming enterprises with good developing potentials in serving national economy and regulating distribution and strategic restructuring of national enterprises. We affirm strategic services direction scientifically and has cultivated a service trends with competiveness gradually and given off a new developing chance through market-oriented and professional merging and reforming. Furthermore, we have opened a new sustainable and scientific developing path for value preserving and increasing of state-owned assets and stability of enterprises and society.

Maritime Travel

We grasp the historical chance of “Hainan International Touring island” construction, and take advantage of particularly favorable natural conditions and location advantage of Yalong Bay to enlarge maritime travel rapidly. We have formed a maritime travel business unit with good profitability and development prospects. As the key enterprise for maritime travel, China Huandao (Group) Co., Ltd insists on discovering advantages and filling the blanks on society to create a maritime travel brand with Huandao distinguish features. Since 2010, maritime diving platform, multi-function large scale maritime entertainment platform, which is the only platform that integrated entertaining and touring in Hainan Province, and semi-submersible sightseeing yachting , which is the only yachting with night vision function in Sanya City, have been put into commission. It has laid a solid foundation for the much higher level expansion of maritime travel business. We will continue to comply with the strategy of “Hainan International Touring Island Constructing” and promote competitive power and service quality constantly to be the leader the new industry----maritime travel.

Packaging Service

Since China National Packaging Corporation (former name of China Packaging Corporation Limited) joining China Chengtong, it has formulated a strategy “to be the leader of packaging industry”, and strived to “give play to the competitive advantages of packaging technology development, inspection and standard service, make full use of brand resources of CNPC and actualize great-leap-forward development through merging, restructuring and expanding of new emerging industry to be the industry leader with high quality and influence.”

Our packaging service has established certain position in industry and brand influence in domestic packaging industry, and owned our unique technology service resources. China National Packaging Corporation, as the only representative of central enterprises, has business or cooperation relations with international packaging organizations, World Association of Packaging Research and packaging industry bodies in the USA, German, Italy, Japan, Korean and other countries, and has been keeping close relationship with over 60 domestic colleges and universities that have packaging specialized subject. CNPC owns scientific research center with state-of-art equipments, exported commodities packaging institute which is national grade researching body, packaging industry productivity promotion center which is approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and other kinds of unique scientific technology resources.

Centering around the requirements of packaging users,? relying on the scientific research and development, packaging design and other business advantages, and restructuring manufacturing resources of technology services and packaging processing, our packaging service strives to expand integrated packaging services,? to actualize resources, technology and talents clustering through merging and restructuring, to build integrated service network system, to create core competitive power and form leading position of packaging industry.

Agricultural Products Circulation

The central government attaches great important to agricultural products circulation and it links with people’s live hood. We have integrated internal resources effectively to create national agricultural products wholesale system based on agricultural circulation network accumulated by China Commercial Assets Management Co., Ltd. for many years and centered on agricultural products wholesale markets.

Our agricultural products services take agricultural wholesale market facilities and function construction and completion as base, take cooperation with local government of agricultural products advantage growing district to construct Non-Staple Food Project demonstration plot as support to cooperate with the government to construct a modern agricultural products circulation system through modern logistics and information technology system. We will construct China Commercial Assets Management Co., Ltd. as the intermediate supplier of green agricultural products in China, and to be the link of agricultural growing district and marketing district and the grab bar for market regulation and emergent supply of the central government.

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