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Moscow Greenwood World Trade Center

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-11-20         


Moscow Greenwood World Trade Center is presently China’s largest business project invested in Russia and the largest Chinese brand marketing center and the public service platform for Chinese enterprises’ practice of “Go Global” strategy in Russia. It aims to form the largest, the most upscale and the most multi-functional center for exhibition and wholesale of Chinese brand commodities in Russian Federation and east Europe. The center is designed with four functions, namely, commodity circulation, commodity exhibition, auxiliary services and investment promotion. It also provides settled enterprises with “package services” such as registration, legal support, marketing planning, finance trust, customs clearance and logistics.

The project is located on Moscow’s “great ring” (МКАД), 15 kilometers from city center, and only 13 minutes’ drive from Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport. The 1st batch of construction takes up 20 hectares, with 15 European styled buildings, which cover 132,600 square meters.

Chengtong International China Branded Goods Overseas Marketing Center in Moscow, also known as Greenwood Phase II Project, was launched in November 2017, which symbolized China Chengtong’s dedication to Russia over the past 20 years, and mirrored the deepening of development between China and Russia in economic and trade cooperation.


Commodities Circulation (Wholesale)

We attempt to form a marketing net that is based in Russia and extends to east Europe, other part of Europe and other places throughout the world.

Commodity Exhibition and Sell

The center will be a never ending expo of commodities made in China.

Investment promotion

We supply enterprises throughout the year with commodity exhibition, exchanges, professional translation, as well as legal, finance, customs and logistic consultant services.

Auxiliary services

We provide joining enterprises a package of services, including registration, quality/sanitation test, legal EAD application, promotion and marketing, integrated after service guarantee, privileged logistic and customs clearance, long- and short-term visa application, business boarding etc. Our services also contain property, catering, and exhibition management.


As a safe, upscale and new business platform with high standards and positive image, we will considerably enhance the qualities and standards of Chinese business in Russia.

As a large-scaled, systemized, specialized, integrated operating project, we will redefine “Made in China”.

In accord with Russia’s policy of business and investment and China’s policy on exports, we are strongly supported by both governments.

Advantageous geographical location. Our business park is located in Moscow Region, sitting at 69-73 kilometers of the city-skirting ring.

We are the largest business center, serving for Chinese businessmen, and will make a base for Chinese enterprises operating in Russia.

We will take advantage of our resources, form the platform of promoting the best quality and integrate advantages of Chinese products.

The true “Made in China” will be reflected in localized and integrated management of qualified Chinese products.

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