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China Chengtong Built Low-Carbon Papermaking Base

general office     2023-03-24         

On March 22, the 450,000-ton cultural paper project of China paper investment corporation Ltd, a subsidiary of China Chengtong, was established in Yueyang, Hunan. Upon completion, the technology of energy conservation and emission reduction will reach the world-class level, becoming a demonstration project in Yueyang for implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's call to protect the lucid waters.


The project has a total investment of 31.72 billion RMB. After putting in use, the pulp and paper production capacity will reach 2 million tons, with a 36% increase in per capita efficiency, making it a large-scale digital and intelligent cultural paper production base. The project will achieve green upgrades through six aspects: production processes, informatization, warehousing, logistics, clean production, and circular economy, resulting in the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product of 216.5 kgce, far lower than the national advanced standard of 300 kgce. Annual wastewater and waste gas emissions will also decrease by 8% and 20% respectively, achieving increasing production while reducing pollution.

"Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" The implementation of this project will reinforce China Chengtong’s role of a state-owned capital operating company in cultivating strategic emerging industries, significantly enhancing industry concentration and market competitiveness, and contributing to the development of advanced manufacturing in Hunan Province and Yueyang City.

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