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Capital Operation

    It is the basic functional requirements for state-owned capital operation companies to become a specialized platform for state-owned equity’s market-oriented operation, market value management, advance and retreat and circulation, and value maintaining and increase. China Chengtong has set up the Department of Equity Management since the beginning of its reorganization. As the functional department of receiving and managing equity transferred from central state-owned enterprises, it has formed a standardized system of equity transfer, market value management, and equity operation. China Chengtong has already received and managed part of equity originally from listed companies of central state-owned enterprises like China COSCO Holdings Co., Ltd., COSCO Shipping Technology Co., Ltd., Bao Steel, Wu Steel, China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., Sinoma Energy Conservation Limited, China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited, and Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power Co., Ltd., which are transferred from the SASAC, and has also completed the transfer of controlling stake of CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited from China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation to China Chengtong.

    China Chengtong is setting up a platform for equity operation, and plans to set up a state-owned enterprise structural reform index and exchange traded funds to build a market-oriented and specialized equity transfer platform to undertake and operate equity.

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