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Equity Management

    To meet requirements for?capital operation company, China Chengtong has restructured its?system and mechanism, adjusted?the way of duty?performance, and exercised?its shareholder’s?rights on invested enterprises on the basis?of?capital and property rights.

    China Chengtong has adopted the front office, middle office and back office?organizational?architecture, in which the front offices, as key?operation departments for realizing the value of capital operation,?undertake core capital operation?businesses such as stock ownership management, equity operation, equity financing, equity management, and financial management; the middle offices, as?crucial?supporting departments?to realize the value of capital operation, undertake assets?management and operation,?strategic research, risk prevention and control, and synergies to?provide strong support for capital operation; the back offices, as guarantee?departments?for?realizing?the value of capital operation, undertake guarantee work for the Party building, integrity and oversight, talent community?building, and comprehensive services to facilitate the realization?of capital operation.

    In the process of duty performance, China?Chengtong performs?its?duties according to law?and actively assumes?the shareholder’s duties by sending out directors and supervisors, and?plays?a positive role of shareholder?through market-oriented manners like delivering Management?Proposal?and Safety Notice, to ensure the presence of oversight and regulation and delegation of freedom to lower levels. The headquarters emphasize?the flow and appreciation of?state-owned?capital, pay attention to the adjustment of capital structure, and focus on?capital security, while the invested enterprises enjoying?independent corporate property rights and independent decision-making power, should improve?their market?competitiveness, value creation ability and shareholders' return level on market-oriented?basis.

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